Posts not showing, or changes not appearing

You might notice that after making changes to your blog (like publishing a post, customizing your design, etc), your changes are not actually visible on your blog — instead, you’re still seeing the old version of your blog.

The cause of this is web browser caching. When you visit a page, web browsers save (or cache) a copy of that page so that next time you visit the page, the web browser can simply show you the saved version instead of requesting the it again from the server.

So, if you’re seeing an older version of your site, you’re probably seeing a cached version. To remedy this, just try refreshing the page a few times. You can also try holding the Shift key while refreshing — in most web browsers this forces the cache to be emptied and the page to be re-downloaded.

If that still doesn’t work, you can clear your entire browser’s cache.

Additional Resources: How to Clear Your Browser’s Cache

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