How to setup a custom domain

Using your own domain name is a great way to appear more professional, and helps with search-engine optimization. This article will show you how to configure a custom domain registered with GoDaddy to point to your FotoJournal blog.

If you’re using a registrar other than GoDaddy, these steps should give you an idea of what’s involved. If you’re stuck, please contact your domain name provider — they’ll be able to help you get things configured properly. Please note that your domain name registrar must support CNAME records.

Once you’ve setup the domain you can use our handy Domain Check Tool to ensure it’s setup correctly. Please note that it can take several hours for domain name changes to take effect.

Step 1: Purchase a domain name

If you don’t already own a domain name, head to and buy the one you’d like to use. If you need help purchasing a domain, try contacting GoDaddy’s Support — they’ll be happy to help!

Step 2: Create the CNAME on GoDaddy

Log into your GoDaddy account, click on your domain name manager and click on the domain that you want to create a CNAME record for. You should find yourself at a screen that looks something like this. (Once again I’m using as an example):


Click on the link under Total DNS that says “Total DNS control”. It should take you to a page that looks like the following:


In the CNAMES (Aliases) section click the Add New CNAME Record button. The following screen should show up at the top of the page:


You’re going to create a CNAME record. The alias name will be “www” and the host name will be “”. Press OK to save the CNAME record.

Please note that it can take several hours for the CNAME to take effect.

Step 3: Setup the domain on FotoJournal

Once you’ve got your CNAME record created, login to FotoJournal. Click on the “Settings” button on the left hand side, then the “domains” tab along the top.


You will probably just see your with a gold star on it. Click the “Add another domain” link.

First add the url (the one you created an CNAME record for). Don’t put “http://” before the address. Click on the star beside it to set it as your primary domain.

Repeat this process for any other domains you’d like pointed at your FotoJournal blog. Then select the domain you’d like to use as your primary domain. Any other domains you add to FotoJournal will redirect visitors to your primary domain. For example, if you use as your primary domain, visitors who enter (without the www) will be automatically redirected to

Redirecting visitors to one domain (rather than having multiple domains) is a commonly used search-engine optimization technique