How to create a contact form

Adding a “Contact Me” form to your FotoJournal blog is very easy to do, thanks to a free service called Wufoo.

Wufoo makes it easy to build forms and embed them on any website. You can have inquires emailed and text-messaged to you, plus they’re always saved on Wufoo.

This tutorial will show you how to create a Wufoo contact form and embed it into a page on your FotoJournal blog.

Step 1: Create your Wufoo form

  1. Head to and create a free account
  2. Login to Wufoo and create your form. Their tutorials are very helpful!
  3. After you’ve saved your form, click the Code button as shown:
  4. Click the Embed Form Code tab on the left and copy the code from the JavaScript Version box:

Step 2: Add your form to FotoJournal

Now that you’ve copied the form code from Wufoo, you can embed it into a page.

  1. Click the New Blog Post button in the FotoJournal menu.
  2. Enter a title for your page, for example “Contact Me”
  3. Click the Edit HTML Source button in the toolbar:
  4. Paste the Wufoo code into the popup box and click Update. (Note: your contact form won’t be displayed in the editor).
  5. Click the Advanced tab and check the box labelled Use as page. This will make the post appear in your blog’s main menu.
  6. Publish your post. You will now have a Contact me link in your blog’s menu which takes your visitor to your contact form!

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