Why do my image filenames get changed after uploading?

You may have noticed FotoJournal renames image files once they’re uploaded. For example, if you upload a file named smith wedding 10-53.jpg it will be renamed to something like dce7c267fc81c54708f2.jpg.

What’s the benefit?

Naming files in this manner ensures better compatibility with other websites & services. For example, Facebook has problems importing images that contain spaces, hyphens, and other non-alphanumeric character in the filename. Renaming files makes sharing your photos a whole lot easier & more reliable.

This is the same approach that Flickr, Facebook, 500px, and many other photo-centric sites have taken.

What are the SEO implications?

Image filenames have virtually zero effect on the SEO ranking of your blog.

Filenames are somewhat important if you’re trying to rank your images on Google Image Search, but even then the alt attribute & surrounding page text are more important than the filename. We recommend always including alt text in the <img> tag and, better yet, write few sentences either before or after the image to describe it.

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