Using Sets to organize photos

Organizing your photos into sets makes them easier to manage. Sets also simplify the process of inserting multiple photos into a blog post.

Adding photos to sets

The easiest way to add photos to a set is during the upload process. From the Upload screen you can add photos to an existing set, or create a brand new set:


You can also add existing photos to a set by clicking on the photo from your library. This screen lets you choose an existing set, or create a new set by clicking the green icon:


Editing sets

Go to “Photos” in the sidebar and click the “Sets” tab. You will see a list of all your sets. Click the set you wish to edit and you’ll see a screen like this:


From here you can drag & drop photo to re-arrange them. You can also edit photos, or remove them from the set. Removing a photo only removes it from the set. It won’t be deleted from your library.

You can also rename the set by clicking the pink “edit set name” link near the top of the screen.

Inserting photo sets

The best part about sets is that they speed up blogging. Instead of inserting photos one by one, you can simply insert an entire set with one click. The photos will be inserted in the same order that they appear in the set.

Whenever you’re inserting a photo, just click the “Sets” tab at the top to browse & insert a set:


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