Uploading photos

Be sure to also read our exporting & resizing tips!

Clicking the blue “Upload Photos” button in the left hand column will take you to the upload screen:


Click “Select files” to choose the photo files you wish to upload. You can select multiple files by holding Shift or Control (Command on Mac) while clicking. Your selected files will be added to the queue, along with the file size.


You can optionally choose to add the photos to a set, tag photos, and mark them as public.

After clicking “Start Upload” you can watch as your photos are uploaded and automatically resized to the predefined image sizes:

Max width (pixels)Max height (pixels)
Extra Large16001600

Colour profiles and aspect ratios will be preserved, meaning the image will be resized in proportion to fit within the size limitations. Your photos will not be cropped.

Tip: Pre-sizing your photos to something similar to the “large” size will not only allow you to upload more photos within your storage limit, but can dramatically increase the speed of uploading, letting you move on to blogging those photos faster!

When the photos have finished uploading you also will be given the option to blog the photos with one click. This pre-populates a new blog post using the photos you just uploaded.

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