Posting photos on your blog

After you’ve uploaded your photos you probably want to post them on your blog. There are two ways to blog your photos:

  1. Insert Photos: This embeds your photos directly into the post content (as HTML image tags). This is the recommended way if you’d like to intersperse a lot of text between your photos.
  2. Attach Photos: This method automatically creates a slideshow of your images. It well when you have a small amount of text, and multiple photos to show. It will save your viewers having to scroll down to see all the images, and looks nice and clean.

Begin by creating clicking the blue “New Blog Post” button in the left hand column.

Make sure to read about Sets — they make inserting multiple photos a breeze!

Method #1: Inserting photos

Click the second button from the left to open the Photo Browser:


When the Photo Browser opens, click the photos you want to insert (they will be inserted in the same order that you click them). Then select the size you want to insert. Usually you’ll want to insert Large photos.


Your photos will then be inserted directly into the post editor, and you can place text however you choose.

Method #2: Attaching photos as a slideshow

Under the text editor you’ll see a button to attach photos.


After you choose your photos, you can drag to reorder or click the “X” to remove them from the post. The photos will then be displayed as a slideshow once you publish the post.


The visual style of the slideshow depends on your blog’s current theme.

Be sure to add a thumbnail to each blog post before publishing.

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