Exporting & Resizing Tips

Here are some tips for exporting images from your photo editing software (Photoshop, Aperture, Lightroom, etc.) Following these tips will ensure your images load fast and look great for visitors.

Resize images to 900 x 700 before uploading
FotoJournal automatically resizes your photos to these dimensions. If you resize your photos to these dimensions before uploading, your uploads will go faster and you’ll use less storage space.

Ensure photos are under 2MB
A web-optimized 900 x 700 image should usually be less than 1MB. This also makes uploading faster and conserves storage space.

Export to JPEG format
JPEG images are the preferred filetype for photographs or otherwise realistic images on the web due to the high quality while retaining a small file size.

Use the sRGB Color Profile
sRGB is currently the most web-friendly and widely supported color space for use on the web.

If you use Adobe Photoshop, choose “Save for web” and ensure the dialog has the options shown (you can select a higher quality if you like):


You might also be interested in our screencast showing how to resize for web using Adobe Lightroom.

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