Quick guide to uploading & publishing photos

Posting photos on your fotojournal blog is a quick two-step process. This guide will show you how to:

  1. Upload your photos to your library
  2. Insert them into a blog post

There’s also a video tutorial that demonstrates how to do this.

Step 1: Upload your photos

Click the big blue “Upload Photos” button in the sidebar. You’ll be taken to the Photo Upload page, allowing you to select the files you want to upload:


Tip: When the file dialog appears, hold down “Control” (or “Command” on a Mac) while clicking to select multiple files. You can also press “Shift + Click” to select a range of files.

After you’ve selected your files the uploader will display them in a list:


You can specify some options which will apply to all the photos:

Tip: We highly recommend grouping the photos into a set. It makes inserting the photos into a blog post much easier.

Press the “Start Upload” button when you’re ready to begin. Each photo in the list will be uploaded and automatically resized. You’ll be able to see the status of your uploads as they progress:


You must stay on the Photo Upload page open until all uploads finish. When your uploads are done you can either leave the page or select more photos to upload.

Step 2: Publish a blog post

Now that your photos have been uploaded to your library, you need to publish them on your blog. (Uploading photos doesn’t automatically publish them to your blog). To begin, click the blue “New Blog Post” button in the sidebar. You’ll be taken to a new page that lets you write your blog post, choose a title, and insert photos.

There are two ways to insert photos:

  1. Insert individual photos
  2. Insert an entire photo set

In both cases, the first step is to click the Photo Browser icon in the editor toolbar:


Method #1: Inserting individual photos

After opening the Photo Browser, click the photos you want to insert (they are inserted in the same order they’re selected) and choose which size to use. Press the “Insert Photos” button to add the photos into your blog post. The Photo Browser will automatically close.


Method #2: Insert an entire photo set

The second (and usually faster) method of inserting photos is to insert an entire photo set all at once. Open the Photo Browser and click Sets at the top to display your photo sets. Click a set to select it, then choose a size and press “Insert sets”.


Your photos will now show up in the editor:


Last step: Choose a Thumbnail (optional)

Before pressing that big pink “Publish” button, you’ll probably want to choose a Thumbnail for your blog post. The Thumbnail is a single photo that you feel represents the content of this blog post, and it’s the image shown when your post appears on the main fotojournal homepage. To choose a thumbnail, click the “Thumbnail” tab:


Click the “Choose your Thumbnail” button to open the Photo Browser and select a thumbnail. The photo will then be shown in the preview box to the left.

Publish your post!

To make your post appear on your blog, click the huge “Publish” button (or you can save this as a draft and publish it later). You should see a success message with a link to you post. You’ve just published your first blog post on fotojournal!


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