Confirming Your Email Address

After signing up for FotoJournal you’ll receive a Confirmation Email from our team of hard-working robots. This email contains an account activation link that you must click in order to use FotoJournal.

You must click the account activation link within 48 hours after signing up, otherwise your blog will be temporarily suspended and eventually deleted.

Why do we require you to activate your account?

Because it helps us verify your identity as a real-life human.

The internet is full of slimy Spambots, and these Spambots frequently attempt to sign up for FotoJournal. These spammers clutter up the community with junk posts and hog server resources that should be available to real-life humans like you. Requiring email activation after signup drastically reduces the number of Spambots on FotoJournal.

Didn’t receive the Confirmation Email?

If you can’t find your Confirmation Email, double-check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, or you’re having any other issues with activating your account, please drop us a line at

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