#3: Tweak your blog settings

Blog settings allow you to configure the way your blog works. This includes:

Blog settings do not control the visual design of your blog. The appearance of your blog is based on your Theme.

To adjust your blog settings, click the Settings link in the main menu:


Site Info

This tab allows you to edit the following information:


This tab lets you adjust whether comments should be automatically approved, or if you want to manually approve comments before they appear on your site. You can also change whether or not to receive an email notification when a new comment is posted.

Menu Links

This tab lets you add links to external websites (such as your portfolio) to your blog’s main menu. Click Add another link to add items to your menu and enter the menu text and URL (website address) of the page you’re linking to:


After pressing the Save All button, the links will be shown at the end of your blog’s main menu:



Every blog comes with a default domain (username.myfotojournal.com), but it’s also possible to use a custom domain (myblog.com). If you just plan to use the default domain, there’s no need to configure anything here!

To use your own domain name, create a CNAME Record with your registrar (the place you registered your domain name) which points to myfotojournal.com. Your registrar will be able to show you how to do this.

The star icon indicates your primary domain name; all other domains listed will redirect to your primary domain (this is done to improve search-engine rankings). In the screenshot below, if a visitor typed “fjdemo.myfotojournal.com” into their web-browser, they would automatically be redirected to the blog at example.com.


You must add both example.com and www.example.com as domain names in order for both URLs to work.

See also: Custom Domains: Creating a CNAME record with GoDaddy

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