#2: Fill out your profile

Filling out your profile helps give you a personality on FotoJournal, and lets visitors learn more about you. To edit your profile, click Profile in the top menu.

Basic Info


Pretty self-explanatory. It’s super-important that you provide a working email address because it’s what we use to notify you of new comments and reset your password (if you forget it). Your Location is optional, but we recommend filling it out (we have some cool ideas for location-based stuff in the future). Your Display name is what gets shown in your post bylines, for example Posted by John the Rocker.


This tab lets you upload your profile photo. Your profile photo is shown in your blog’s footer or sidebar (depending on the Theme) and on the fotojournal community site. Your photo will automatically be cropped square, and scaled down to 240 x 240 pixels.

Social Networks (elsewhere)

This tab allows you to link to your other social networks (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) from your FotoJournal blog. To add a link, click the service you want to link to in the grey box on the left:


You can change the order of the links by dragging the grey move boxes. The links to your social networks are shown in either the footer or sidebar of your blog (depending on the Theme). We totally recommend adding these so that visitors to your blog can learn more about you!

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