#1: View your blog & login

Viewing your blog

The first, and most important thing, is knowing where your new blog is located! When you signup for FotoJournal you are required to pick a username. Your username is what you use to login, and it also determines the URL (website address) of your blog.

Your blog is located at http://username.myfotojournal.com.

For example, if your username is johndoe your blog is located at http://johndoe.myfotojournal.com

Tip: the welcome email you received after signing up contains this information. Keep the email for future reference.

Your blog will show this placeholder page until you publish a post:


It’s time to start blogging! To upload photos & publish posts you’ll need to login to the FotoJournal backend.

Login to your dashboard

Login to your dashboard by visiting myfotojournal.com and clicking the Login button in the top right. You’re then taken to your blog’s dashboard:


The dashboard gives you a quick overview of your recent activity on FotoJournal, including blog posts you’ve saved and photos you’ve uploaded. If you’re a new user the dashboard will also have a helpful list of things you can do to get your blog fully configured to your liking.

At this point, you have a few options: you can edit your design, upload some photos, or write a new post. We’ll now take you through each of those steps. You will navigate through your Dashboard primarily using the links on the left hand side, so take a second to check them out. Each section will be covered in more depth later on.

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