Choosing a new theme

With fotojournal you can create new themes, allowing you to switch back and forth between designs effortlessly. To do this, simply click on the “Create a new theme” button in the top right of the Design page.


You will then be taken to the New Theme page.


First, enter a new name for your theme. You can change this at any time, and it won’t show up anywhere on your blog. It will simply help you identify the different themes you’ve created.

Then, choose a layout for the theme. Fotojournal currently has three layouts: a Grid, a Two Column version, and the Default, which is a One Column layout. After you’ve chosen which layout you’d like to work with, the available themes for that layout will appear under the “Choose a Design” header.


You can use these designs as either a starting point for your own design, or as the final look of your blog. You can change at any time, so feel free to check them all out and experiment! If you click on the thumbnail for any design you’ll be shown a larger preview.

Click “Save” and you’ll be taken to the Theme Editor with that design chosen. But don’t worry! We haven’t changed anything yet. You’ll now be able to tweak that design however you’d like. At this time, there are no changes being made to your live blog, so you can experiment as much as you like, without worrying if your readers can see what you’re up to.

After you’ve saved all your changes, click “Done” and you’ll be taken back to your “Themes” tab. At this point, your new theme will be listed under “Inactive Themes”.


Now you can do a lot of things with your inactive theme. You can delete it, rename it, or customize it further with the Theme Editor. Once you’ve decided that you’d like to apply that theme to your live blog, simply click on “activate” and it will become your “Current Theme”, and your blog design will have changed.

You can create as many themes as you’d like, and switch back and forth quickly and easily. You won’t need to worry about losing your current design, or working hard on a new one, just to forget what you did. And if you’re like most people, you’ll want to change up your design as your work and tastes change. So make sure to take full advantage of the themes in FotoJournal. We think they’ll make blogging a whole lot more fun!

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