Changing the background image

The Theme Editor gives you total control over your blog’s background image. You can upload your own background images or choose one of the many preloaded backgrounds, and then further control how the image tiles (repeats). This page explains how the various properties affect the background.


Here are some places to find a custom background image for your blog:


This is where you select a background image or pattern for your blog. Click on the thumbnail to open the Background Library. If you’d like to upload your own background image, click the “Choose File” button, then click the “Upload” button. Once the file has uploaded successfully, close the window using the “X” button in the bottom right corner, and then refresh your blog preview to view your changes.


Alternatively, Fotojournal comes preloaded with dozens of high quality background options to create stunning blog designs. Simply choose the FJ Library option to browse the images by category.


Removing the background image

If you decide you’d like a solid color background and want to remove the background image, open the Background Library, and click on “Remove background image” in the upper right hand.


This will change how you’d like your background image to repeat. If you have a small tiling image, you’ll want to choose “Repeat both (tile)” to ensure that it fills up your entire background.


This option is extremely handy to play with. If you’d like your background image to remain static when a visitor scrolls down, choose “Fixed”. If you’d like the image to scroll down as well choose “Scroll”. Play around with these options to see which one your prefer!

Horizontal & Vertical Position

As you probably guessed, these options change where your background image is anchored horizontally and vertically. Again, play around to see which looks best to you.

Background Color

This is the color of your background if you decide not to have a background image. Also, if it takes a moment for your background to load for a visitor, this is what will show up first. It’s always a good idea to have this color be similar to the color of your background image for consistency.

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